Why Math Tutoring

Math tutoring

When to get a math tutor for your child

Math is a subject in which many students (and parents) struggle. In the times of Common Core Math, many parents are left befuddled when trying to assist their own children.  Many children can work the processes when taught but most cannot decipher a word problem in order to break it down into solvable pieces.

How can you tell if your child is struggling with Math? Why should I hire a math tutor? Here are clues to look for:

1. Low grades

Poor exam or tests results are the best indicators that your child is not doing well. Whether it’s your child making careless mistakes or genuinely not knowing the answers, it is time to get your child help. There are also cases where children are doing well on homework but failing the quizzes and exams. This could be exam anxiety.  Quite often, children are using math aps on their phones or looking up the homework online and handing in ‘completed work’ without actually doing the work. 

2. Child’s dislike of the teacher / subject

Often children will express dislike for the subject or the teacher of the subject in which they are struggling. The feeling of uncertainty can cause them to uncomfortable and frustrated to anxious and angry.  These stressful feelings, not only create mental obstacles to learning, but may become behavior issues.

3. Lack of a strong foundation

When a child is missing the basic fundamentals of math, they often take too much time working the initial steps in problem solving that they run out of time to get to the next level of learning.  If you build a house on a weak foundation, you’ll spend much more time and energy on repairs.  The lack of a strong foundation doesn’t only slow response time but can damage one’s confidence level.

4. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence, or the feeling of uncertainty, is found when children second guess themselves. Hesitation on quizzes / exams wastes time, which can lead to less math problems solved, resulting in lower grades.  This uncertainty can put your child in a poor mindset as mentioned above.  Hiring a tutor can assist your child by identifying their gaps, solidifying their foundations, and teaching not just processes but problem solving skills.  In the end, restoring their confidence.

Is Math Tutoring Worth It

In regards to long-term payoff, recent studies have shown that early math success is the best indicator of future academic and career success. As for short-term payoffs, there are many more reasons.  Public elementary schools generally assess children at the end of 1st grade for the gifted / high achiever class track. If your child is in this track, they will be challenged as much as, or more than, private schools. Thus, early tutoring can save you private school tuition.  Children who do well in math can also take college level classes in high school (free to them) which will save you paying for those college credits. 

Last but not least, if you value your personal time and peace of mind, there is a high probability you will benefit by hiring a tutor. There are many anecdotes that go with the saying, “Do what you do best, and pay others to to the rest”.    

What Does a Good Math Tutor Do

A good tutor will assess your child’s level, uncover their strengths and weaknesses and find out what motivates your child to want to learn (this is paramount).  They will not only put together a learning plan to fill in the gaps but blend that with keeping the child current with what is being taught at school. And, at the same time, a good tutor will loop back to ensure prior taught skills are still remembered and practiced.

What Does A Good Math Tutor Cost

Private tutors often tailor fit the lesson and homework to the individual child as opposed to simply teaching a child lessons for their grade level.  This individual tailoring does take more time and effort from the tutor outside of the time spent with your child and is why this one-on-one time and attention is priced higher than the big box tutoring establishments. 

In addition to the above, prices may also vary in regards to the level of math being taught, if classes are online versus in person sessions and if the tutor is travelling to get to your location. There is also the effect of supply and demand of tutors in your specific location.

How to find a good math tutor

When trying to find a good math tutor the most place people go is the internet. Here you will find those who have been recommended by other parents and teachers and many more.  Just as you’d search a business for reviews you can do this for tutors as well.  Reach out to the tutor and ask all your questions, a good tutor will welcome them. 

There are tutors that position themselves as homework helpers, while others are able to assess your child, get them up to speed or get them a few years ahead.  Some tutors may / may not have experience with manipulatives that are used in today’s classrooms, some may / may not have experience with special education learning.  Take time to call a few people and find the best fit for your child. Tutoring is an investment in you and your child’s success and peace of mind.

Remember, ALL children can learn, but they each have different learning styles. It is the tutor’s responsibility to not only uncover their learning style, but to discover what motivates the child to consistently achieve.

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