All concussions should be taken seriously, from fender bender casualty to NFL player

About a dozen former Denver Broncos are taking part in a research study they say Neurofeedback is helping them recover from post-concussion symptoms and traumatic brain injuries.

After going through the protocol, “It was kind of like night and day,” said former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Dave Studdard, “The light came back on, clarity just everywhere.” After about the third or fourth session Studdard says, “It just opened up on me. I feel like I’m 35 years old again. They’ve given me back my life that the NFL took away from me.”

Studdard is not alone. “I could not find or remember what I was doing,” Jon Keyworth, a former Broncos running back from 1974-1980 told CBS4. “I had thousands of five yard collisions.”  “I got up out of the seat, I had not felt that clarity for four years,” said Keyworth. His wife says he is “80 or 90 percent better than he was.”

Dr. Penny Montgomery, co-owner of the Lakewood Center, said the former NFL players are being offered neurofeedback technology which can reduce concussion related symptoms and potentially improve brain function.

Montgomery said follow up testing six months after the conclusion of the treatment sessions, for former Broncos and other NFL players, are showing that the brain improvements are holding up.

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