Client Reviews

There’s a reason that so many clients trust us with their well-being

My memory is better as well as my patience

I wanted to try out neurofeedback because I was impatient, anxious, and had a problem getting overwhelmed when I faced problems, conflict or more than one thing to do at a time. After NF I would be in the middle of tasks and realize I did not feel that way. I was amazed! I would actually wonder why I was not feeling trapped with a list of tasks I needed to accomplish. I realized it was the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training. My wife and my manager at work are a heck of a lot happier with my performance now than they were before NF. I couldn’t remember what I did the day before and couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do. Faced with challenges to my tasks I would get overwhelmed and snap at others. Now I find myself much more patient and even my memory is better.

  • Alan Nicholson  (Readjustment Counselor/Social Worker at Miami Vet Center)

Reduced hyper-vigilance and decreased anxiety

I am a 50%-disabled combat Veteran with PTSD, since OIF in 2003-4.  I had challenges with relationships, sleeping habits, anger management, and anxiety for a decade, and had literally come to accept that as the expectation for my life.  After just 5 NeurOptimal Neurofeedback sessions, I was sleeping through the night, was more peaceful, less hyper-vigilant and less anxious. These challenges were met seamlessly in my life, and I was not even aware of the changes from day to day.  I now have 13 sessions behind me, and I realize even more peace and tranquility after each session. My improvement is clear and obvious and I am amazed at how much progress I’ve made.  WOW! I am thankful for the Neurofeedback sessions at Brain Training For You.

  • SFC Lawrence G. Stuart, USA (Retired)

Efficient cognitive processing

Neurofeedback has lessened and improved many of the cognitive issues that have plagued me since being exposed to blast waves and the trauma one faces in war. Since beginning, I’ve experienced clearer thoughts and have felt more efficient in processing cognitively. I’ve also had improved sleep quality and an increase in overall well – being. Unlike many other forms of “healing therapies”, I’ve enjoyed neurofeedback very much due to its passive nature, which does not involve talking or invasive questions. I highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone suffering from TBI or any other cognitive functioning issues and/or anxiety disorders.

  • H.A., USMC

Increased social interaction without anxiety

While attending a seminar I had trouble calming down and sleeping. Gina Fitzpatrick was at this event and recommended I try Neurofeedback. She explained it as a way of training my brain to reduce anxiety, depression, heighten my level of focus, attention and increase calmness.

I was suffering from depression PTSD as a result of being shot and raped. Turning into myself as a result of triggers, most notably strangers, I had a fear of strangers especially men.

What I found with several treatments is that I had better mood, I was more focused and had a general sense of well-being. I am much more relaxed and able to have increased social interaction without anxiety.

Other changes I noticed are better sleep, more flexible in my thinking process, and a sense of calmness I haven’t had in years.

I will continue to have treatments with Gina when I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She is so knowledgeable and able to easily answer the questions releasing the fear I felt the first time I tried a treatment. I know she uses the neurofeedback on herself as well as her family. I can certainly trust someone who does that. I recommend neurofeedback to my clients; I wish I had Gina in the Orlando area.

  • C. Campbell (Veteran)

Sleeping better and PTSD nightmares stopped

When I first considered trying neurofeedback I was hesitant, but Gina came highly recommended from someone I trust so I went for it. I was AMAZED at the results! After my first session I was already sleeping better which was a huge relief because that is one of the biggest problems I had. After a few more sessions my PTSD nightmares stopped and I had more clarity during the day to think. My productivity went up and life all around got so much less stressful and more fulfilling. Now I recommend Gina’s neurofeedback to anyone who will listen.

  • Omar Burgos (Veteran)

Breaking through the concrete wall

I have been receiving Neurofeedback sessions for over a year now.  I had a bad reaction to Electric Shock Therapy which left my mind totally numb; nothing could penetrate the “concrete wall”.  After neurofeedback, I started to feel emotions again and now I have them all back.

Before neurofeedback I had very low self-esteem.  I am now on a senior dating website and making connections.  I used to have bad road rage, now I let people in front of me every day.  Previously I suffered from the death of my parents; neurofeedback had helped me to where I now have closure.  Losing my dog was also hard to get over, after my sessions I now have a photo of him up on my wall and can look at it and remember our good times together.

In my early life I was an athlete but gave up sports due to low self-esteem, now with neurofeedback I am back swimming 3x/week.  Gina is an amazing person to work with.  She is the most caring, loving person I know.

  • William G. Butterworth

I was surprised how quickly it worked

I started neurofeedback sessions as an alternative to taking sleep medication. As I grew into my 40s I noticed I could not sleep for more than an hour or two every single night without waking up. This was really affecting my job and my family life. Many days I would go to work with a total of 2 hours sleep and that would have to get me through the day. This would cause me to fall asleep at my desk. After work I would repeat my narcoleptic-like performance when I was sitting down at dinner time with my family. Another thing that is probably a good thing…  I no longer fall asleep behind the wheel of my car while driving back from work. This also puts my wife at ease since she experienced this with me while I was driving on a short road trip.

Since I started neurofeedback I have been able to sleep through the night. I was surprised how quickly it worked. Gina has been awesome with scheduling me and I truly look forward to seeing her every week. I also get to really relax while doing the sessions and I love it.

  • Russ C.

Improvement in anger, anxiety and more

I had the opportunity to participate in Neurofeedback treatment. I saw improvement in numerous areas including sleep patterns, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, feelings of anger, anxiety, and changes in my overall mood and disposition.  I believe that there is merit in this treatment and can benefit many individuals who suffer from a wide range of conditions and symptoms. The pre and post treatment questionnaire were helpful to compare and assess success. Gina works with the client by giving them excellent feedback of their progress and is also very accommodating to have the program fit one’s schedule. The atmosphere is conducive to participation and is very relaxing and enjoying to experience.

  • R Kaplan

From Stage Fright to Stage life

Isabella started NF at the age of 4.  She did not speak at the age of 14 months and suffered from sensory processing disorder. Early intervention was received including multiple sessions of speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly for over a year.  Shortly after, she attended a special education preschool for more intense therapy. Isabella, who would not speak and often tune out others, due to her anxiety, was then diagnosed with Select Mutism.  Suffering from severe social anxiety and separation anxiety, she would often run down the road after my car as I left for work.

***After just 3 weeks of brain training Isabella got up on stage and participated in a group talent show at summer camp!!!  Other improvements we Isabella as a result of the sessions:

*Improved sleep, *Reduced irritability and explosiveness, * Less distracted, *Becoming more social, *Feelings of anxiety were decreased, *Impulsiveness was reduced.

  • Isabella’s mom

Mainstreamed and a Sense of Humor

Does neurofeedback work? Yes it does and the changes are extensive.  Thomas has had a range of health issues starting when he was a baby. His diagnosis is all-encompassing: speech/ language disorder, Asperger syndrome, ADD/ADHD, ODD, and sensory integration dysfunction, asthma and chronic ear infections.

Believe me when I say I have done almost every single mainstream and alternative therapy that there is to do. Naturopathy, hypnotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, skin brushing, chiropractic, physiotherapy, sleep training, learning and behavioral, just to list a few!  At 19 months, Thomas was placed in a “special” preschool and then sent to a therapeutic K/1 class to focus on his issues.

After 5 weeks of neurofeedback sessions, Thomas is now fully mainstreamed and doing well. He is going to sleep by himself, making eye contact, communicating with others, doesn’t meltdown daily. His OCD has decreased dramatically and he is no longer grinding his teeth down to the nerves (which required root-canals at the age of seven).

Overall, I saw remarkable changes in Thomas. His moods are more regulated, and he seems calmer and happier. With time, his sense of humor developed, and he experienced less anxiety in social environments. I can’t say enough about the positive experience we had working with Gina and utilizing neurofeedback.

  • VFS

Sound Sleep, First Time in Decades

The results I received from neurofeedback are being able to fall asleep at bedtime and have a sound sleep through the night.  This is the first time I have had a peaceful sleep in decades!  I found Miss Gina to be a positive and supporting professional. Now I wake up energized and go through the day with zest!

  • Richard Ascher

Neurofeedback is one of the most efficient means available

20 years ago, I realized the purpose of “life” was to advance thru the major arcana of the tarot. The only way to accomplish this is to cancel your current self. Neurofeedback is one of the most efficient means available. Gina was able to help me out while I was on vacation. Once we got past her confusing address, we got along great. Highly recommended.

  • Eric B

Recharged and more in harmony

Gina is my Neurofeedback guru.  She’s a real pro and knows her stuff.  I’ve been going about once I week ever since I met her.  The sessions are awesome and very therapeutic.  It’s something I look forward to every week, since it is like going to a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.  It is so relaxing!   I always feel great, recharged and more in harmony with myself and others.  I can’t say enough good things about Gina and her Neurofeedback, try it, you’ll love it!!!

  • GSJ

My most productive days at the office are just immediately following my session

I have been seeing Gina for a few months now.  Being an executive in a fast paced work environment often puts me in a state of overload.  I look forward to the days that I have my session.  Neurofeedback puts me in what I call a ‘forced mediation state’ and allows my brain to slow down and see things clearly.  The most productive days at the office are just immediately following my session.  It is amazing how you can feel your brain computing and processing information at an amazingly focused and relaxed state.  Gina’s sessions have helped me in both my personal and private life and I am very grateful for the benefits.  I highly recommend training your brain as it is just like other muscles in your body.   You go the gym to pump up your body; you go to Gina to pump up your brain!

    • Lou Capolino