Neurofeedback is like physical therapy for the brain. Like physical therapy, you are retraining your body to respond to how it did before the injury and sometimes your results may be even better than your pre-injury condition. Some people brain train to optimize the function of their brain, just as one would experience an improved physique from physical training.  As with any training (weight, dance, foreign language) multiple sessions are required.  In general, one starts observing progress after 3 to 5 neurofeedback sessions.

Due to the uniqueness of each of our own central nervous systems, it’s not possible to predict how many sessions will be necessary to experience relief. The average is around 15 to 20 sessions. There are instances where people get what they’ve come for after 4  to 6 sessions.

For the most part, if your challenges occurred recently in your life, you’re likely to come for less than 10 sessions. If there are multiple challenges or conditions that go way back, you may want 10 to 20 sessions, especially as you start observing changes in your sleep, your moods, focus or even improvement in areas you may not have originally come in for.  In brief, the more sessions you have, the stronger and more comprehensive the results.

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  • Buy 6 get 1 must be used within 5 weeks of purchase date.
  • Buy 15 get 3 must be used within 12 weeks of purchase date.
  • Buy 21 get 5 free must be used within 16 weeks unless split with another then both users must use within 8 weeks.


We also rent machines.  If you are strapped for time or have an inflexible schedule, renting a machine to brain train in the comfort of your own home may be a better option for you.  Unlike the above packages, Rental Sessions Are Unlimited making it more economical.  Click to review and download our Professional System Rental Agreement




Corporate Training

Would your employees benefit from increased focus, decreased stress (anxiety), improved ability to speak in public, enhanced mental processing, better sleep?

How would their success improve your company’s success?

Contact us whether you’d like to offer full or subsidized brain training packages to your employees, (954) 830-9202 . 


While most Neurofeedback trainers (Brain Training For You included) do not accept insurance, many insurance companies are willing to reimburse the client if they have been referred for training by a healthcare professional for a specific problem. For example: ADHD, depression, OCD, behavioral issues, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Please contact your insurance provider directly to determine if you are eligible for partial or full reimbursement.

Feel free to contact us at (954) 830-9202 with any questions.

Veterans, Active Duty Military or First Responders receive a flat rate of $70 session with DOD card or proof of employment.