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Reports show that most children have lost 1-2 years of Math knowledge/skills due to the pandemic. Then there is Common Core…  Adding insult to injury, many children are running into physical and mental obstacles as they are facing a new normal. 

ALL children can learn, but they each have different learning styles. It is the instructor’s responsibility to not only uncover their learning style, but to discover what motivates the child to consistently achieve. I do both.

I’m certified to teach Math from elementary through and including Algebra 1.  Also, as a certified results coach, I identify what motivates or drives people. This provides me the leverage it takes to get and keep each student engaged in achieving through a growth mindset.

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* Tutoring sessions are available remote or in person.
* I use manipulatives for hands on learning as well as videos to help reinforce lessons.
* Lessons AND homework are tailored to each student, unlike many local afterschool math training centers.
* Experience with Montessori and conventional schooling.
* Experience helping those with learning disabilities.

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Weekdays: 9-7
Weekends: By Appointment

Pricing: see below

I look forward to helping your child not just pass their exams but solidify their foundations in math; strong enough to lay the groundwork for a multitude of possibilities in their future!

Much Gratitude,

P.S. When looking to help our children we should look at the entire individual, not just one area.  Feel free to take a look at how NeurOptimal Neurofeedback can help to get your child to the next level.

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As tutoring is similar to dance lessons (no one is able to perform after only a few lessons),  multiple sessions are needed.  The best way to learn a skill is through spaced repetition.  Thus, I offer prepaid bundling of tutoring sessions to make it more affordable for students and their families.  Below you will find prices for Zoom tutoring and In Person tutoring (up to 10 miles).  Further distances will incur an increased fee.

Zoom Tutoring Pricing

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In Person Tutoring Pricing