Veteran’s Checklists of Concerns – before and after

We use an intake form listing clients’ concerns before they start training.  Intermittently, clients will be asked to refill the form in order to see what concerns have fallen away versus what may now be surfacing.

Below are 2 examples, one after 5 sessions of Neurofeedback and the other after 19 sessions. (click on photos to enlarge)

AN Checklist of Concerns 1   AN Checklist of Concerns After 19 sessions

As you can see above, after 19 sessions Client 1 went from 11 symptoms to 3 symptoms the other two shown are acute symptoms of his current situation (red).

LS Checklist of Concerns 1  LS Checklist of Concerns After 5 sessions

Above you can see how, after 5 sessions, symptoms reduced from 13 to 2.

* These 2 examples, before and after lists of concerns, are testament to the fact that with each individual, results will vary.