Our pricing is a bit different than others who offer similar services.  Many practitioners do not like offering discounts or package deals; they state that session one is just as valuable as session three or session fifteen.  They are absolutely correct.

However, after my own experience and the experiences of those I’ve treated, I know that in general, one starts observing improvements after 2-3 sessions.

Due to the uniqueness of each of our own central nervous systems, it’s not possible to predict how many sessions will be necessary to experience relief. The average is around 15 to 20 sessions. Some people get what they’ve come for after 2 to 3 sessions.

For the most part, if your challenges occurred recently in your life, you’re likely to come for less than 10 sessions. If there are multiple challenges or conditions that go way back, you may want 10 to 20 sessions, especially as you start observing changes in your sleep, your moods, focus or even improvement in areas you may not have originally come in for.  In brief, the more sessions you have, the stronger and more comprehensive the results.

Couple this information with the fact that my purpose is to bring this service to as many people as possible, I decided to offer packages so people can afford to get the number of sessions they need, not just the ones they could afford.

Call us to discuss what package will be good for you (954) 830-9202.

Package Pricing